“Record producers and artistes coordination has proved pivotal in the music industry, setting the framework for masterpieces that have been released over the years, this article gives an insight to this relationship and revelations to come.”

Perfect match?

Record producers have been known to spot young and raw talents and shaped them into becoming great musical artists by tapping into the plethora of their abilities. One notable relationship of such that resounds greatly in the music world is one between Dr Dre and Eminem. Dr Dre first heard of Eminem’s music through an intern at Interscope and he finally met Eminem at the 1997 Rap Olympics in which Eminem came second with his explosive and dominant performance.

They began to work together and churned out hits upon hits. In an interview Eminem said “It’s an honor to work with Dre, and now, I’m past the honor stage. Now it’s like, we developed….it’s more than a business, a friendship now.” They had a relationship which was more than music, this relationship was pivotal in their success, it was something the world revered, yearned and loved to see.

Afrobeat in recent time has garnered so much attention and accolades with Artists such Wizkid, Burna boy, Davido to mention a few bringing it to the fore of music globally. These popular Afrobeat artists have something in common, they all have been almost exclusively involved with a producer over the years in terms of music production, or better still they have their “favorite” producers whom they work with more than the rest who also are equally qualified professionally but might lack knowledge, coordination and temperament required to work with these artists. Most of these Afrobeat artists have a defined tempo, sound, beat and quality that they would want their music to be produced, these conditions and factors play a big role in their songwriting process and delivery. To back up this claim, songs released by these famed duos often get huge reception by fans and make great numbers on all music distribution platforms. Often times, these artists usually have great personal relationship with their producers in which they have this synergetic, mutualistic and maybe telepathic cooperation.

It is something to be admired and their “Bromance” usually make it to the news which also appeal to their audience and listeners, making their listeners anticipate upcoming projects and discography(s). This mutualistic interaction often last a lifetime even after their careers are over as artists.

There’s a bromance of such which is not yet popular but it is noteworthy and one the world should look forward to. It is between Alternative-Afro singer Bizzonthetrack, who in recent times have been creating waves, reverberating in the Nigerian music scene. This growing popularity of course wouldn’t be possible without his long time ally, friend and producer known as ProdućaWa.

ProdućaWa who also is a singer has produced all but one of Bizzonthetrack’s discographies, the only one being “Bizzness EP” and then Bizzonthetrack was just an unknown rapper not a singer. Since he met ProdućaWa, together they have released an album titled Limbo and EPs such as Cloud 9, Bizzness, No Titles Just Vibes, Bisi Kuti and Therapy in which they both displayed their vocal dexterity in this EP. ProdućaWa is often credited for Bizzonthetrack development as a singer and an artist.

This is one of such bromance that is set to take not just the Nigerian music scene by storm but the world. One that is endearing, to behold and a perfect match.